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We describe the first stage of this process aas

1. Inspiration - Knowing how to understand and access this Wisdom - recording the information that is received - then envisioning the action needed to bring the project into reality

Here we give information about the town of Glastonbury in the UK
A town especially equipped to help individuals develop their intuition
  • The town has a unique landscape and a rich history of myths and legends
  • In the Middle Ages it had one of the largest and most prosperous Abbeys in England
  • With the dissolution of the monasteries,  the Abbey fell into ruins
  • The town became a small market town in a remote corner of England
  • Over the years it developed some modest industries which declined post the second war
  • In the early 20th century came a renewed interest in the town and its long history
  • In recent years this interest has grown steadily and now half of the town's economic activity is provided by what is called the ' alternative community'.
  •  the town is growing into an internationally recognised centre of Pilgrimage and contemporary spirituality

It offers a wide range of services in the way of healing and active help in developing higher levels of consciousness

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