In science, Entropy is the measure of how disorganized and random a system is. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that unless outside energy is provided, a system will find its disorder staying the same or increasing as time goes on. Unless acted upon by outside energy, a system will either have the same or more disorder as time passes

 This also applies to human activities, even those inspired by spiritual objectives.  A huge amount of effort is put into establishing and building a project, but without the contribution of continuing inspiration and work, it will gradually lose energy and may even disintegrate and disappear.

In the Teaching section of this website we see how the Creative process relies upon an idea being imposed by the mind upon the universal sea of potential energy.

The Perennial Philosoophy holds that a Hierarchy of Intelligent Beings inhabit the universe. These beings not only supervise the building of activities but also help to refine projects by testing those that may not be in perfect tune with the overall objects of the universe

In Glastonbury, entropy is ever present.  Apparent ‘Forces of Chaos’ resent any attempt to build a new structure and do their best to destroy the activity. The effects of these ‘negative’ forces seem to be more powerful than would be expected from simple tiredness and boredom of those running the project.

Confusion of purpose appears to be the characteristic that opens the door for chaos to enter, and it does so where any lack of clarity between individuals is found.

The answer is ‘clarity of contract’, in legal, written and verbal agreements. This necessitates all parties being clear about the understanding reached and being prepared to honour this as far as possible.  If it is necessary to change something, then all parties must agree.  Any departure from this clarity will open the way for the forces of chaos to make merry – and they are very good at this !

 Lack of clarity of obligations is a frequent cause of the failure of community projects. Uncertainty leaves a vacuum for the ever-present forces of chaos to enter in the form of malicious gossip, rumours and misunderstandings, all of which serve to undermine the clarity of purpose of the venture.

In addition to the dangers of confusion is the slow decline of the project due to lack of continuing input of inspiring spiritual energy. A time may come when the initiators feel they have had enough and hand over to others. In some cases, those who take over will enjoy running the project but be unable or unwilling to contribute the initiative, inspiration and energy needed keep the organization progressing towards its full potential.

The forces of entropy are overcome with:

 Clarity of contract, inspired spiritual vision and continuing energy invested in the project

These negative energies have a positive part to play in that they bring to bear a cleansing and sieving process.  If the concept is not inspired, understood and attuned with the purposes of Glastonbury, then the over-lighting energy will do its best to prevent the activity from flourishing.

 An interesting  quotation from ‘Evolution of the Spirit’ by Walter D Pullen

The Trickster -  many Native American and oher faiths feature the concept of the trickster, who is basicly a teacher that uses methods we might consider negative, such as playing tricks, causing trouble,  or in general being chaotic as a way to get people out of their ruts and old ways of thinking. A trickster may be conscious of the role and intentionally playing it or be a seemingly unevolved fool.