Astrology claims that the Piscean Age was one of authority and control - strong leaders deciding how people should live and compliant individuals going along with what they were told.  We are now entering the Aquarian Age with which comes the emergence of strong feelings of individuality.  People want to look after their own lives, make their own choices and are suspicious of authority.  This has led to democracy, but also the increasing difficulty of running a project, not to mention a country. This difficulty comes particularly into focus in Glastonbury.

 Many of those involved in starting new community projects in Glastonbury have been ‘called to serve’ in the town.  Often, a high price has been paid in honouring this call; jobs, families, partners and friends have been left behind. Whilst the way of living is enjoyed, there is often a reluctance to impair this new freedom by making the compromises that would be required to work with others. A development resulting from this individuality is the way in which different projects flourish and thrive. Individuals concentrate upon the project with which they feel inspired and pour their energy into making it a success. With this seems to go an ‘inward looking’ and reluctance to understand and work with other projects.

But these apparent problems eventually make a positive contribution to the emergence of the real purpose of the town.

How does this materialize in this case ? The process appears to be as follows:

  • A small group share a vision of Glastonbury as a coherent centre of spiritual transformation
  • The group starts to build new ventures to support the vision
  • The new ventures tend to be ineffective and poorly managed
  • In due course the individual ventures begin to separate out
  • As they develop, individual projects become differentiated from the whole.
  • The individual entities gradually become more coherent but withdraw into them selves
  • They cease to see themselves as part of the greater whole
  • Gradually, individual entities become well run, managed and coherent
  • With growing confidence, they start to reach out to others
  • Eventually a new coherent whole starts to emerge.

It now looks as if Glastonbury is entering the final stage in that there are signs of real corporation between the various key projects operating in the town.

There has been a real benefit in the result of this process of fragmentation and re-coherence.

The fragmentation process enables the individual components to fully develop as efficient and working organisations so that when they came back to work together there is a new strength in the town as a whole. 

There seems to be a universal pattern here and something worth exploring further