Guidance in Glastonbury

In seeking Intuitive inspiration we need to be able to access suitable guidance from the level of Higher Consciousness.  Let us look at Glastonbury as a specific case.

For people drawn to this place, there often appears to be an entity interested in the well–being of the town. This entity draws the people and resources needed by the town, inspires these people with what they are being asked to do and has a vision for the destiny of the town. The energy makes itself available to people in the form and manner which they are most likely to understand and be able to relate to. It is sometimes called the Over-Lighting Presence, sometimes the Goddess, sometimes the Company of Avalon, seen as a group of long dead monks who once lived in the Abbey of Glastonbury, and sometimes as the Angel of Glastonbury. For simplicity, we will use the latter description.

A task for anyone called to work in the town, with intuitive inspiration, is to develop the ability to access this energy.  

Whatever name is used, this energy can be contacted and listened to by the individual using their spiritual intuition.  When attuned with, the Presence will indicate the work and role that is to be adopted by the individual in order to help Glastonbury on its way to fulfilment of its ultimate purpose. Reaching this understanding of the individuals ‘calling’ and their purpose is the key to living a fulfilled, rewarding, contented and happy life in Glastonbury.  

 As with all matters of the spirit, ideas are essentially personal and arrived at either from individual experience or by reading what has been written by acceptable authors.  None of it is provable by conventional science.  

 Let us look at some of the aspects in which this energy presents itself

The 'Company of Avalon' In the early 1900s, Bligh Bond, the architect retained to research the ruined abbey, contacted what he called the “Company of Avalon”. He believed these were a group of souls who had lived as monks at various times during the life of the Abbey and who were committed to helping the re-emergence of Glastonbury as a great spiritual centre. These monks gave him useful directions on where to dig and he discovered a number of previously unknown portions of the Abbey foundations. In the preface to his book ‘The Company of Avalon’ Bligh Bond writes –

 “So it is, we are told, with the Company of Avalon, a group of souls who are impregnated with the devotional ideal which was translated into architectural symbol by the Benedictine brethren of oldtime. These, the ‘Elect of Avalon’, combine as a united spiritual force in an effort which is really one of response to those of us who, of or own volition, have attuned ourselves to their ‘vibrations’. 

In the early part of the Twentieth Century there were a number of prominent ‘New Age’ figures in Glastonbury who have been called ‘Avalonians’.  In addition to Bligh Bond, there number included Dion Fortune, Wesley Tudor Pole, Alice Buckton and Rutland Boughton. Many of these Avalonians were also aware of the psychic presence of long dead monks - monks who were available to them as a real and present inspiration.  They used different names but they seem to be referring to the same entities.

Dion Fortune - wrote in her book “Avalon of the Heart”.

“Mediaeval piety and learning are in the very air of Glastonbury.  The stones of the Abbey are overthrown, but its spirit lives on like a haunting presence, and many have seen its ghost”.

The Watchers  - Alice Buckton, who owned the Chalice Well in Glastonbury from 1912 until her death in 1943, shared a belief in what she called the ‘Watchers of Avalon’ – the heavenly company of one time monks who were overseeing the spiritual rebirth of Glastonbury and England.  Meditating at the wellhead in Chalice Well gardens, one can still sense the presence of the ‘Watchers of the Well’. These feel more ancient than the monks of the Abbey. Whilst the monks feel very human, the ‘Well Watchers’ seem to be more impersonal, immense and powerful. They may be sensed as a group of tall, dark, hooded figures standing round the wellhead.  They care for the well and its sacred site, which is, and always has been, a place of transformation and healing.  Those who can sense their energy field may feel that it helps them to understand their true purpose in life and how to find the healing that they may need in their own life.

Are these ‘Angels’ still relevant? - Today, as for aeons of time past, all sacred sites have their guardians and watchers. They are present now and are not simply figures of past myths and legends but are open to those who are able to attune to their energies.  Many of these sites are neglected and by recognising and befriending their ‘Watchers’ we can help them come fully into their own power and for they in turn can help the site which they guard come into its full potential for healing.

Accepting different forms of guidance - Those of us asked to play a part in developing Glastonbury, need to be able to access a wide range of  ‘guidance’  – not only that offered by the monks of old but also by their predecessors as represented by the Well Watchers of Chalice Well. 

Working in other places - We have described the entities available in Glastonbury. Guidance is available to anyone anywhere if they are able to access it. There is personal guidance available to the individual and it is up to that individual to locate and find the format in which this guidance makes itself available. Also sacred places, as such as Lourdes and Benares, have their own Overlighting Presence and again research is needed to detect and find out who and what they are

The reality of this 'Guidance' - Now we come to the question of the reality of the guidance.  Obviously, these beings are not materially present, as others cannot hear what we hear as our ‘voices’, and there is no way in which their existence can be scientifically proven.  It could reasonably be said that the whole thing is a hallucination and not very different to the voices heard by people suffering from schizophrenia. But there is a reality to this guidance and it can be sensed to be working at a number of ‘levels’

  • The conscious mind.
  • The personal unconscious

Channelling, automatic writing and ‘listening to our guidance’ could be ways of accessing our own unconscious in a manner, which is not normally readily available to us.  Within our own unconscious is a wisdom that is not immediate available to our conscious mind. At this level we are, in a way, simply talking to ourselves.

The Universal Unconscious - Jung had a theory that there was a Universal Unconscious that was a link for all conscious beings and that, through this link; we are all in touch with one another, albeit at an unconscious level.  In this Universal Unconscious is recorded all human experience and all wisdom and this information can be accessed through our own individual unconscious.

‘Wise Guidance’  - This is the concept that there are in existence at some other level, conscious beings who have lived but are no longer incarnate. These beings have gained an exceptional level of wisdom and are in close touch with the ‘Ultimate Reality’.  This wisdom and experience is available to individual human beings through the use of their intuition.  The intuition is used first to access the individual’s own unconscious - through this the Universal Unconscious - and through this the wisdom of these beings and through them the ‘Ultimate Reality’

The ‘Ultimate Reality’ -The Ground of all our Being, God, the other, known by a hundred names. The ultimate loving wisdom. Individuals are capable of direct contact with the Ultimate Reality, but this is not always easy.  The process described above can be a useful way of starting upon the journey of reaching direct contact with God  – or whatever you want to call ‘Him’ or ‘Her’ or indeed ‘It’.

This is a personal matter 
Each individual needs to make their own decision on the reality of the perceived guidance