The Purpose of Glastonbury

In our page on ' Guidance in Glastonbury.' We indicate that there is a  ‘presence’ that has a plan for the place – if so what might this purpose be ?

In the world-recognized centres of pilgrimage such as Santiago to Compostella. there is a clear understanding that the aim of the journey along the Camino, and the arrival, are part of a complete spiritual package.

Glastonbury is also a place of pilgrimage,  but one where the objects are less clearly defined. Coupled with this lack of clarity we have the present paradigm in which science is happy to study material phenomena in great depth but the concept of there being a divine purpose behind these phenomena is unacceptable. Despite this that is apparently clear sense of purpose in this town.

The idea of the ‘Purpose of Glastonbury' is not widely discussed but there seem to be a number of concepts that are quite widely held. These are:

  • The town and its environs have a special and unique spiritual energy.
  • The town has a spiritual presence that guides the development and growth of the town.
  • This persence sees the purpose of the place as one of transformation and the raising of consciousness.
  • It sets out to achieve this purpose by embracing spiritually inspired beings so that they reach an understanding of their own purpose in life and how best to find true fulfilment.
  • The town needs people with experience, skills and the wisdom supported by the necessary financial and other resources in order to deliver the services needed by visitors to the place. The over-lighting energy is aware of what these requirements and draws the needed people and resources to the town by inspiring and calling them.
  • The people arrive, and then have to discover the nature of the task that they are being asked to deliver.
  • Those called need sensitivity of intuition in order that they become aware of what they are being asked to do.

The people and resources needed for the next stage of the town’s development have been called and are in the town.  What is needed is recognition by those called to serve, of the nature of their unique task.