Vision of Glastonbury – July 2020

In our Vision June 2020 we looked at Glastonbury then compared with how we saw it in 1985. That was a good general summary of the situation – now we want to look at specific areas which now need to be fully realised.

The entries below are given in alphabetical order

 The original wording is given in the following formats

  • The Service required – as seen in 2004
  • Details of the Service
  • Situation in June 2020

The situation in July 2020 in plain text

Enterprise Centre

  • Advice and practical help with administration, marketing and finance for people starting up new community ventures.
  • Glaston Centre is at present investigating providing a mentoring and support service for those establishing new community ventures

In the post-virus situation, this has now become a centre of considerable potential importance. It needs cooperation between the Glastonbury Trust, Glastonbury Centre Ltd, the Op Shop, active cooperation with people offering professional services in Glastonbury, plus possibly linkups with similar organisations in the surrounding towns.


  • A specialised publishing houses
  • A number of local publishing houses exist - but there is not a house that could be seen as publishing a range of Glastonbury books.

This is something which now needs to be actively pursued


  • Research seems to be a vital part of the whole concept.
  • A Research Centre has been on the agenda for many years and so far, nothing concrete has been established

This is another area that is now urgently needed – this ned the active cooperation of the many organisations are already loosely engaged in research and the support of visiting students - including Glaston Centre Limited, the Library of Avalon and others.

Skill clusters

  • Grouping together independent individuals with similar skills
  • Supporting each group with centralised specialised administrative, marketing and financial skills.
  • Potential clusters are:
  • Photography, Films and Videos
  • Web design and computer skills
  • Writing and editorial
  • Publicity and Marketing
  • Healing and Counselling etc
  • Above was envisaged in 2004 – there is some communication between individuals with similar interests, but not yet a coherent organisation as envisioned

A data base of professional skills available in Glastonbury is now urgently required

 Social support

  • Active support and practical help for those in need of material, emotional and spiritual support
  • This is on offer through individuals and through state facilities. There is room for improvement and a coherent community support service

Glaston Centre Ltd have taken the first steps in setting up such a service

Wealth generating activities

  • Individuals have their own income but the community as a whole need an income if the community projects are to be set up.
  • There is not yet what might be called a central wealth generating activity.  Start-up support is available for new projects from the Glastonbury Trust. This facility might be expanded 

This is now urgently needed. There are many active and successful projects working in Glastonbury, but, a yet, no business dedicated to generating funds to support community projects.