Visions of Glaston

From time to time, over the years,  the author has produced summary papers of how he saw the town evolving and his thoughts, at that time, of what the eventual purpose might be.

We think it worth recording these ideas as an example of how a town evolves over the years.

These papers are in the drawdown pages in this section and we give links below.

The latest paper is July 2020  – this will evolve over the next weeks as we begin to have a better idea of how the town will emerge from the lockdown imposed to control the current coronavirus.

This is likely to invoke fundamental changes and it will be a week or so before we have a better idea of what these might be.

But being Glastonbury,

it will undoubtably find a positive and constructive way of dealing with the new environment.

Vision July 2020

Vision June 2020

Vision 2008

Vision 2004

Vision 2001

Vision 1985 - the original vision